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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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A 150 try dives marathon! Sport for All Day 2006 (07.10.06)

Paul and Steelo sorting kit
Paul and Steelo sorting kit

Inspired by the success of previous years, Guildford BSAC 53 had decided to take part in the 2006 Sport for All Day at Guildford Spectrum again. Once more, we were to provide try dives for everyone who would be willing to have a go.

On Saturday, 07.10.06, at 9 a.m., the first shift of pool instructors and helpers met at the boat shed to load equipment into vans and cars, and set off the Spectrum.

We lined up twenty 12 l cylinders and a few 7 l ones at the far end of the competition pool, where they could be used for recharging the ponies for the kids' try dives.

The recompression Chamber
No diving? Chris has different plans

Thanks to Jeff Dubery and The Woking Junior Snorkelers Club, we had enough small size masks and fins for the day.

Speaking of "the Day": Chris made us line the fins up by sizes so that when the poolside helpers were to kit up people for try dives, they would find the right sized fins.

The recompression Chamber
Tess at the reception desk

That was the plan, and while Femke and Tess set up the reception desk, the pool instructors got kitted up.

Sure enough, we didn't have to wait long for the crowds to come and queue up at our desk. Parents of under 16 year-olds had to sign a declaration saying that they were happy for their children to dive with us, and sure enough, they all were.

Till midday, it got busier and busier, with quite a queue of children waiting to have a go. By midday, we were quite knackered and took a break. The Spectrum provided packed lunches, and they were gone in a jiffy.

The recompression Chamber
Ian ready to rumble

Then came the second part of the day, with lots of eager children having patiently waited for us to finish our food and get going again.

The recompression Chamber
Will and Rat having a break

One of the groups I talked to in the afternoon was Andy from Sutton and his 2 daughters, plus 4 friends of his younger daughter. Andy told us that it's her birthday in August. For the last three years, Andy and the girls have made the trip to Sport for All day a belated birthday treat and Andy said that the try dives always are the highlight for them!!

At about three o'clock, we finally ran out of air. Sport for All was to finish at 4 p.m., so there was not much point in doing a cylinder run to Guildford Fire Station thanks to Wally's connections, they had agreed to let us use their compressor if need be. So we started packing up, and by 4.30 p.m., we were back at the club, stacking empty cylinders and having a much craved-for pint.

The recompression Chamber
It's going well!

All in all, we went through twenty 12l cylinders (app. 200 bar each), plus a bunch of 7l cylinders, so about 60m3 of air. We had 126 signed-in try dives, and like in the years before, a lot of the kids queued up again and had several goes. Femke reckons that in total, we provided about 150 try dives not bad for a just one day!

What's more: 35 members of the club teamed up to organise and run the event thanks to all of them! To quote Andy from Sutton: "Keep up the good work!"

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