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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Bowling - March 2005 - we're getting better Print

Guildford BSAC at the Spectrum Company Challenge Bowling
(March 2005)

This is about the fourth time we've entered the Company Challenge (maybe the fifth, I'm not sure). After our first couple of exploratory sessions, in which teams were selected in a more-or-less random fashion from the people who played, HP (our new illustrious leader) was suddenly keen on winning the thing. Needless to say, on our first scientific attempt, we did win. (That's no thanks to Westy, who having delivered a pretty decent performance in July, failed terribly in October). So the Guildford BSAC name was etched on the Company Challenge Shield, bringing to an end the run of about eight wins on the trot by Roffe-Swayne, a bunch of local accountants. Could we repeat the feat in March?

The short answer is no, we could only come third this time, but there are some aspects of the night worth exploring. In all the time we've been entering the competition, the winning score has been around 1300 or so for the twelve games. All of a sudden the winning score this time shot up to over 1500. I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility that the accountants, so sore from having "their trophy" taken from them last time, brought in a few outsiders. Andy Smith will tell you all about the sort of people they are; he was once one of them. He's out now, probably just in time, but you can still see the effect it had him, even today. The scores this time were so high, that even had we combined our twelve best scores on the night, we would still have come third! We comfort ourselves with the knowledge that they're probably all nerds who had no fun on the night, evidenced by the fact that none of them dressed up in fancy dress. Whereas, a whopping 14% of our team was in fancy dress; that was me, Hannah, and Simon. (There may have been others, but either the costume was so subtle, or they look like that all the time anyway, that I missed it). Top marks go to Simon, who takes up the mantle of official fancy dress champion from Terry, who won with his cowboy outfit on our last outing. Simon's get-up was something special though, the piece-de-resistance which won it for him being the guitar accessory.

Unfortunately, we really can't make the same excuse for the second place team, who only narrowly missed depriving Roffe-Swayne of the title again. These guys (CMS Water Features) have never entered before, and only missed out on a debut title by eleven points. What's more, the whole team was in fancy dress, and looked pretty well pissed too. [Mental note: maybe that's where we're going wrong; next time I'll put up the entry fee and buy in some special brew to get the elite team oiled up]. Hats off to them - we can only hope it was a fluke.

The next round is on 23 June, so what are the prospects for then? Well we have a new Westy now, in the form of Nick, who went from third or fourth best score last time, to dead last this. I know that now, so he can play in a more appropriate team next time, making a space for someone who might do us some good. (Which will probably more-or-less guarantee a monster score from him next time). We could do with a couple of the folks who did well in October to come back and play again. But even so, we'll need some kind of special performance to get anywhere close to the 1500 mark. I'll warn you now that HP's already talking about arranging a practice and team qualification night the week before. We can always console ourselves by winning the fancy dress prize again. So let's have more people turned out looking daft; look what it did for CMS.

See you in June.

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