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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Day Trip on a RIB to the Isle of Wight!

It was a cold December morning when we met at the boat shed for a trip out to the Isle of Wight. As fingers froze unlocking the shed, I was beginning to wonder why I'd organised this trip! When Duncan, our "experienced" boat handler showed up on his bike, balancing 3 bags, because he was still too drunk to drive, I really did start to worry ;-)


Still, we managed to get the boat out and ready fairly quickly. The only problem was James had forgotten his undersuit so had a slightly longer journey to the coast, back via his house! Unusually for a club trip, we arrived at the launch site early and everyone managed to find the right side of Hayling Island. After a breakfast of chocolate crunchy things (well, they contained cornflakes!), the boat was prepared and crew wrapped up in many warm clothes and dry suits. Femke provided us girls with entertainment whilst we figured out how she fitted into her "new" dry suit. After all this, we still managed to launch ahead of schedule and the only mishap was I left my camera in the car - the brilliant photos are thanks to Clive (see the gallery for more pics).

After showing everyone how not to give your passengers a comfortable ride (that's my excuse), the novice boat handlers had a turn as we approached the Isle of Wight - there were plenty of buoys, sailing boats and jet skis to avoid and fortunately they all did. After a ribena, oxo and hob nob (thanks Clive) break (once Angus & Duncan had managed to open the dry box) we headed into Cowes and up the river towards a pub Duncan had heard of but never yet made it to...


Quarter of an hour later we were wondering whether this pub actually existed when a sign saying "INN" was spotted. We decided to moor up here and it happened to be the pub Duncan was looking for: The Folly Inn, Whippingham. It's a brilliant pub. The food and beer were both excellent - most people had the pies which were huge. The pub even has showers available if you feel you need it! It's obviously popular as it was very busy even on such a cold day - there were even a group of rowers there in shorts and t-shirts! Mark was the only person to fit a dessert in after his main course - an excellent sticky toffee pudding (I only had a little taster, honest!). We could've easily sat there all afternoon but unfortunately sunset was approaching so it was back out into the cold to once again don dry suits. Back on the boat, my emergency chocolate was quickly scoffed once the others discovered I had some. (Apparently Duncan wanting chocolate counts as an emergency!)


Going back started slowly as we had to trek down the river (this takes about 15 mins from the pub). Clive managed to find the roughest patch of sea all day which left me feeling a bit queasy and made the homeward journey slower than outbound but we landed with daylight left and were in the pub at 4 as planned :-)

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