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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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2003 - Where have we dived Print
DateDive SiteLocation
30th MarchMulberryBognor, West Sussex
19th AprilFalmouth HabourFalmouth, Cornwall
20th AprilFalmouth HarbourFalmouth, Cornwall
21st AprilPencra Reef and The ManaclesPorthoustock, Cornwall
22nd AprilPencra Reef and The ManaclesPorthoustock, Cornwall
03rd MayHood, Balaclava Bay & harbour wrecksPortland, Dorset
04th MayHood, Balaclava Bay & harbour wrecksPortland, Dorset
05th MaySwanage Pier andSwanage, Dorset
24th MayBehar, DakotionDale, Wales
25th MayBehar, Lucy, Dakotion and North Wall Garland StoneDale, Wales
26th MayLucy, North Wall Skomer Islandand Stack RockLittlehaven, Wales
1st week JuneHoliday to the Azores
06th JuneSelsey Lifeboat StationShore Dive
08th JuneJaffaBognor, West Sussex
14th JuneSidonWeymouth, Dorset
15th JuneM2 and Eleanor RWeymouth, Dorset
22nd JuneShirala and WaldrensBognor, West Sussex
27th JuneU90 SubmarineSelsey, West Sussex
28th JuneP555, LedgesWeymouth, Dorset
29th JuneAnworth, James FennelWeymouth, Dorset
4-9 JulyRummel Stone, Wolf Rock, Outer Bucks, Long Ships Lighthouse, Seghy IslandLamorna, Cornwall
06th JulyZaanstroom, MulberryBognor, West Sussex
06th JulySelsey Lifeboat StationSelsey, West Sussex
19th JulyHounds ReefBracklesham, West Sussex
19th JulyElk and Breakwater FortPlymouth, Devon
20th JulyVitalling Yard and Penlea ReefPlymouth Devon
10th AugBarge and Hounds ReefBracklesham. West Sussex
20-26th AugGlenmire, Wuddy Rocks, Cathedral Rock, Skelly's Hole, Tye's Tunnel, St Abbs HeadSt Abbs, Scotland
31st AugLuis and RowanayLangstone Harbour
06th SepTeapot (Brigitta)Bracklesham, West Sussex
06th SepSalsette and Rummage GroundsWeymouth, Dorset
07th SepUB74 and Pulpit RockWeymouth, Dorset
08th SepChateau YquiemWeymouth, Dorset
09th SepEmpress of IndiaWeymouth, Dorset
11st SepDelightWeymouth, Dorset
12nd SepNurnburgWeymouth, Dorset
13rd SepSelsey Lifeboat StationSelsey, West Sussex
14th SepMulberry and WaldronsEast Beach, West Sussex
20th SepKyarra and Swanage PierSwanage, Dorset
20th SepWhalebridge and Hounds ReefBracklesham, West Sussex
21st SepAeolian SkySwanage, Dorset
28th SepClub trip to Sharm El SheikhRed Sea, Egypt
04th OctMaine and Prawle PointSalcombe, Devon
05th OctRiversdale and Start BaySalcombe, Devon
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