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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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El Gouna - Jens and Corrina check out Georgina's new hideaway Print

Jens and I have just come back from a diving trip to El Gouna in Egypt, where we stayed at Georgina's apartment, and we would like to share the experience with you.

We flew into Hurghada on Friday the 5th, leaving Gatwick at midday and arriving at about 5 p.m. Luckily, at this time our plane was the only one coming in, so that it took us only 20 minutes to get our visa and pass the customs. Outside, a driver was already awaiting us (thanks to Georgina who had organised that). He took us to El Gouna in half an hour. El Gouna is a pretty village that has been designed in various styles, mainly Arabic and Noubian and most of the buildings are not more than two floors.

When we arrived at Georgina's place, we were really pleased by the sheer style of it: The living room has a square layout, high white walls and a domed brick ceiling with blue glazed light holes. There is a roof terrace, and if you are to lazy to walk up there, you can just pop out onto the balcony and look at the nearest lagoon.

The next day, we were picked up by a Dive Tribe shuttle bus and taken on a 5-minute ride to their premises at the coast. Each of us collected a plastic box and the gear we would need during the following days and then we were shuttled off to the dive boat.

This week, the Dive Tribe worked with three captains and their boats, and we got assigned to the King and her captain, Captain Greene. Captain Greene and his crew a great cook, a boat boy-percussionist and the captain's son Mahmud soon became our favourite boat crew. The captain is a very charming and dignified man and his crew entertains him with music and the occasional dance in the afternoons.

Our first dive was - like all the dives turned out to be an easy dive with a maximum depth of 18m, and a water temperature of 29°C. Since the conditions were so favourable, we dived in 3mm neoprene shorties and were fine in them on 60 minute dives.

Photo by Peter Tatton

On the third day we went to a dive site called Dolphin House. If you go to El Gouna and we strongly recommend you do insist on being taken there at least once. Dolphin House is a semi-circular reef, and Red Sea dolphins come there almost daily to take a rest from whatever they are up to in the deep waters. When we went there, the dolphins did not keep us waiting. Halfway through the briefing somebody shouted: "Dolphins!!", and we saw ten or twelve of them making their way around a reef edge and into the semi-circle. So everybody hurried to get into the water. As soon as we were in, we could hear the Dolphins' singing more clearly, though we could not see them and it was hard to tell whether they were approaching us or leaving, until suddenly, out of the blue, they came: Seven dolphins, speedily approaching us with what seemed no effort at all. They put on quite a show, encircling us, swimming synchronised in pairs or even in groups of three, and doing loops above us. Unfortunately, there was no way we could join them in their underwater dance performance, so after a while they got bored with the clumsy beings and sped off into the blue again. But they had treated us to a great experience and the day had more in store for us: On the same dive we saw a big turtle munching away at an unfortunate coral.

Another dive we would really like to recommend is Poseidon's Garden, but we will not tell you more than the name so that you may go there and find out what there is to see for yourselves

Jens & Corinna

Georgina's web site

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