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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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2002 - Where have we dived Print
DateDive SiteLaunch Site
January HolidayJava, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Rinca, Flores 
17th FebruaryHounds ReefLangstone Harbour
EasterPencra Reef, Manacles Reef, Mohegan, Volnay, Vase Rock, Raglan ReefPorthoustock, Cornwall
21st AprilBoulder Banks, MulberryEast Beach, Selsey
4th, 5th, 6th MayBlack Hawk, Nature Trail, Mupe Rock, Scallop Beds, Aeolian SkyKimmeridge, Dorset, Lulworth Cove
11th MayT.R.ThompsonNewhaven, Sussex
18th MayJames Eagan Layne, Plymouth SoundPlymouth
19th MayElk, Mew StonePlymouth
June HolidaysSt Kilda one week
Red Sea one week
1st,2nd,3rd,4th JunePersier, Bolt Tail, The Maine, Burgh Island, East RuttsHope Cove, South Devon
8th JunePersierSalcombe
15th JuneMulberryEast Beach, Selsey
22nd JuneIolanthe, Lulworth BanksWeymouth
23rd JuneAparima, Lulworth BanksWeymouth
30th JuneLuisBracklesham
July HolidaysLamorna one week
St Kilda one week
6th JulySelsey Lifeboat StationShore dive
13th JulyM2 submarine, Countess of EarnePortland
14th JulySidon submarinePortland
21st JulyConcrete bargeBracklesham
27th JulyHMS Northcoates, Kingemere RocksLittlehampton
3rd AugustGascony, Mulberry, Landing Craft, CuckooEast Beach, Selsey
9th AugustTeapotEast Beach, Selsey
11th AugustMoldaviaLittlehampton
19th AugustPinnacle, Blue Cap Rock, Farne IslandsSeahouses
20th AugustBlue Cap Rock, Farne IslandSeahouses
21st AugustBlue Cap Rock, Farne IslandsSeahouses
23rd AugustPetticot WickSt. Abbs
24th AugustWuddy Rocks, Black CarrSt. Abbs
25th AugustCathedral RockSt. Abbs
26th AugustWuddy RocksSt. Abbs
31st AugustA3 submarine, British InventorWeymouth
1st SeptemberU1195 submarineEast Beach, Selsey
1st SeptemberBoulder Banks, Sharks Teeth DriftBracklesham
1st SeptemberSalsette. Crab CityWeymouth
2nd SeptemberBucaneer, James FennelWeymouth
3rd SeptemberEmpress of IndiaWeymouth
4th SeptemberValdesWeymouth
14th SeptemberPersier, MaineSalcombe
15th SeptemberInner Pinnacle East Rutts, Turbout GroundSalcombe
15th SeptemberMixon Hole, MulberryEast Beach, Selsey
21st SeptemberHedwig Lunstedt, Waldrons driftLittlehampton
22nd SeptemberNab Tower, Sharks Teeth DriftBracklesham
27th SeptemberMulberry night diveEast Beach, Selsey
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