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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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2002 Calendar - Guildford BSAC Gets Its Kit Off Print

Reprinted from Dive Magazine December 2001

Listen to the Southern Counties Radio interview with Georgina Cole here.


Last Year it was Swansea SAC and this year it's the turn of Guildford SAC. It seems that when it comes to raising cash for their clubs, BSAC members just can't wait to get their kit off. In order to raise funds (and libidos) for a new RIB, Surrey's Guildford SAC has produced a nudes calendar, featuring members of the club.


Assistant diving officer and 'Miss October', Georgina Cole, said that members were initially reluctant to send in photographs of themselves in various states of undress.

Although the idea was well received, people couldn't 'bare' to look stupid,' said Cole. 'I had to convince people that loads of photographs had already been submitted, when in actual fact we had hardly any, so that they wouldn't feel they were the only ones putting themselves in the frame.'

Cole's favourite photograph is the cover picture featuring long-term club member Victoria Watts. The photograph shows Watts on an idyllic sandy beach with nothing but a pair of strategically placed fins to spare her blushes.

Most of the shots were taken on dive trips around the UK. On one particularly successful photo shoot at St Abbs, the club was blessed with good weather allowing them to capture the sort of marine-life pictures not usually shown in DIVE magazine.

However, it wasn't all plain sailing: 'When the January photograph of Sarah Gavin was being shot, the club's RIB broke down and had to be paddled back to harbour. Keith Green, whose wife Anne appears in the December photograph, seemed more concerned with the stripping that was taking place on the rocks rather than stripping down the engine,' said Cole.

The calendars can be bought for £9 each including p&p, with cheques payable to Guildford BSAC. Send requests to Georgina Cole, 20 Hanson Close, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7NJ.

Reprinted from Diver Magazine December 2001


Forget the newsagent's top shelf. The BSAC's Guildford branch had the bravery - requiring on one occasion, "six hours of drinking" - to make true diving dandies and daisies of themselves and produce this risque 2002 calendar. Enjoy 16 nearly very naughty photographs, bodies bare except for diving and boaty bits used ingeniously in the fig-leaf role. The calendar was shot 'on location' during various dive trips around the country - with out-takes presumably retained for inter-member blackmail purposes only.

Price is £9 including postage to UK address.
Send a cheque, payable to Guildford BSAC, to:
Georgina Cole,
20 Hanson Close,
Guildford GU4 7NJ.
Enquiries (model agencies take note) to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Naked date - reprinted from the Guildford Magazine January 2002

Plucky members of Guildford's Sub Aqua Club have swapped their diving suits for their birthday suits to help raise money for a new boat.

They have produced a "nudes" calendar for 2002 and ore selling the collection of 1 2 saucy pictures of themselves with their kit off, for £9 each.

"We come up with the idea of a nudes calendar as we are busy fund raising for a new rib," said Georgina Cole, assistant diving officer and Miss October

"Initially the idea was well received but members were apprehensive about submitting photos of themselves with just their diving kit covering their bits," she said.

The Guildford branch of the sub aqua club was set up in 1957. It currently has 120 members and owns two ribs which it uses at dive locations all over the country, including in waters off the Isle of White, where there are many wrecks. If you are interested in a calendar, send cheques to
Guildford BSAC
c/o Georgina Cole,
20 Hanson Close,
Surrey, GU4 7NJ.

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