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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Sport For All - October 14th and the annual sport for all day at the Spectrun Centre. Print

On October the 14th this year we were lucky enough again to be able to participate in the Spectrum Centre's 'Sport for All' day.

A band of bleary-eyed, but keen volunteers met at the club at 9:00am for bottle pumping and car loading. Then it was off to the Spectrum for the 10 o'clock start time.


After unloading all of the cylinders again, freezing the swimmers of Guildford City Swimming club, and frenzied setting-up, we were ready for our first customers.

First-up was a chap called Stephen who, throughout the morning, came back for two more goes. Then all hell broke loose, we were planning for a quick lunch at 1:00, but did not stop until about half-past, during our brief ½ hour break, people were queuing up, so that we started the afternoon session with a hefty backlog. At one point, we had 6 instructors in the water all with buddies, leaving the 2 people sizing and kitting-up a mammoth task.

We finished in the pool at about 4:30, packed all of the kit back into the cars and it was off back to the club to smash our way in to the shed (sorry Duncan J).

Finally it was time for a well-earned drink at the Rowbarge.

It would be unfair to special out anyone for the effort that they put in, since everyone flogged their guts out from start to finish, so my sincere thanks go to Carol , Chris, both Daves, Graeme, Keith, Laura, Michelle, Paul and Rob.  I hope that they got as much out of the day as I did.

As you can see, we had a spread from some of our newest members right up to an extremely old git who dusted off his kit to come and play with us. So don't forget, next year's 'Sport for All' is Saturday 13th October, I hope that you can be there.

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