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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Flying RIB - October dive on the Mulberries is a late start to the season for some. Print

Well, they say miracles happen, and on Sunday it happened at Selsey! Perfect sunshine, a slight breeze and the flattest sea I've ever seen. Even Tia came out of the water after her dive looking pink (this being the girl who took her DRY suit to the Red Sea)! Yes, it was time to dive the 'concrete barges' again, otherwise known as the Mulberries. For those unfamiliar with this dive site, a helpful previous chronicler has already done the research for me and wrote about it on the late July report.

To start the day, the more experienced divers went out first in Spare Rib-theoretically to get a dive in and come back for us newly qualifieds to get some time in slack water with both ribs. Theoretically. Actually Spare Rib decided to escape (and according to the stories) LEAPT off the trailer, THREW itself at Georgina and buried itself in the shingle. Apparently someone untied it so when the Landrover stopped halfway down the gangway the rib kept going! All was not lost though and Spare Rib was soon in the water and ready to go.

McKie fared better (although it was close at times) and we were all set and boiled-in-our-bags by the time Spare Rib returned bringing tales of poor vis, big fish and an elusive weight belt (but no sharks Martin). We started the dive roughly at the right time and, though the vis was poor and there was a bit of a surge by the end of the dive, there was loads down there to see. Blennies and Dead Man's Fingers were everywhere plus the occasional bass and we saw a shoal of, as yet, unidentified silver and yellow fish. Apparently there were crabs and lobster but they appeared to be hiding (from us anyway). The 30 minutes finished quickly and (by another miracle I think!) we found the shot line and went up to the boat and lunch.

Unfortunately I had to miss the second dive, along with Tony who still had the slightest green tinge to him. Everyone else got a second dive though and seemed to have been convinced that doing the triangle course, taking in the Mulberries, Cuckoo and Landing Craft, was a good idea. Take heed... there is a rope attaching each site to the other two and one is shorter than the other but no-one EVER remembers which one's which. As far as I could find out, one buddy pair stayed round the Mulberries, one made it to all three - just, one pair got to one site and had go up while the rest of the divers ran out of air before they saw anything (apart from a lone fin, missing it's strap and spotted by a few people!). Be warned-it's a long way- everyone came back knackered! A good day was had by all I think and, fingers crossed, the next dive will be as good!

Dive stats:
Max Depth:11 metres
Boats:Spare Rib and McKie
Number of Divers:22 (5 new divers - first trip in the sea!)
Number of Dives:40
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