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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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St. Abbs - August bank holiday weekend to St Abbs, Scotland Print

The best thing about St Abbs is that everything is close by. The camp site with its own dive center is a couple of miles away, the compressor is at the top of the slip way, toilets in the car park and a nice tea room serving home made food too. All the dive sites visited were also close to the harbour.

We all awoke bright and early each morning at 5am to the sound of sea gulls above our tents followed at 6am with the local wood pigeons and then 7am a chorus from the cows on the other side of the fence (ask Duncan about their tongues!).


Once we finally crawled from our sleeping bags we were greeted with Duncan busy with kettles boiling and egg and bacon butties being passed around and used as bait for anyone trying to sleep in late. Next was the 'who has got the key to the toilet block game'. Great fun after a night on the beer, when you have been struggling into your clothes for ten minutes in a two man tent without uncrossing your legs. (Thinking of which, I'm going to take my tent back because I didn't get two men with it!)

The diving around St Abbs is beautiful. Steep gullies covered in dead man's fingers and brittle stars. Lots of jelly fish, pollacks, crabs, lobsters, long-clawed squat lobsters, sea urchins, sunstars, wrasse, scorpion fish, octopus and for those lucky ones who saw them - wolf fish.

There were also a lot of tunnels and holes to explore, which led through the rocks close to shore.

Evenings were spent either having a BBQ, take-away fish and chips, dinner in Berwick or the local pubs with marathon games of pool.


We were lucky with the weather. Friday and Sunday were glorious and although Saturday was drizzling with rain, the sea remained calm. Monday morning though, we awoke to thunderstorms and torrential rain. We all sat in the mess tent, bleary eyed, damp, trying to gain some warmth from the steaming kettles and with thoughts about starting the long journey home being more appealing than the grey sea. Anyhow, once we gathered in the car park and climbed into our warm, cosy thinsulates and dry suits our spirits rose and we went out and had a fantastic dive and surfaced with clearing skies and the sunshine trying to break through.

That just left a final St Abbs Tea Room crab bap and 'special' hot chocolate to finish another brilliant Guildford BSAC bank holiday diving weekend.

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