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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Skin Deep - Weymouth - Mid August and another visit to a regular haunt Print

Dates: 12th 13th August 2000
Location: Skin Deep - Weymouth
Activity: Hard boat Dive

Two days of diving off the hard boat "Skin Deep" out of Weymouth with twelve Guildford divers - some old faces (especially Westies!) and a first-timer.

Day 1:

A relaxed breakfast, no wind and sunshine, couldn't possibly be a Guildford BSAC hard boat trip. Could it?

Dive 1: The Ethel

The Ethel is situated at 35-37 Metres somewhere accessible from Weymouth (I haven't done course on chart-work etc. yet okay!). A new dive for all on board (I believe) and it proved to be an enjoyable one at that. Plenty of fish life including a rather nice conger watching us all from his bolt hole. Visibility was excellent at around 15m so Westy has no excuse for the rather sad looking brass "thing" he dragged to the surface. Carrie on the other-hand did have an excuse for the "metal bar" she brought up - apparently she wanted to prove that she could actually find something. Brad needed no excuse to spear himself a sizeable plaice.

Dive 2: Dockyard dumping ground

Something for the club scavengers this one - a drift dive at 30m over an old dockyard dumping ground. Everyone went in clutching their goody and lifting bags. Trigger came up with the find of the day and sent up a large shell casing. This impressed Dave Moorey so much that it was straight to the dive shop on return to shore to kit himself out with full lifting gear ready for day 2.

Day 2

A change in the weather with the wind (and waves) picking up. This isn't really rough you know insisted Warren as we set off (our bellies suitably lined with a fried breakfast!). If that's the case Warren then how do we account for the greenness of everyone on board? As far as I know only two people managed to hold on to their breakfast - Warren "Sea-sickness is all in the mind" Burling and myself (for my part this took a healthy dose of Stugeron before leaving and 4 hours of deep concentration!). Westy, weathered seaman that he is, spent the day alternating between driving the boat and hanging over the side!

Dive 1: "Lobster Wreck"

It has a real name as well according to the guide books but it escapes me for the moment. A wreck at 35m, again with good visibility, so named because of the proliferation of lobsters which can be found there. Indeed some were captured and returned to the surface although personally I managed the whole dive without coming across one! Another successful dive and time to head in for a bit of shelter to give us chance to eat some lunch.

Dive 2: Dockyard dumping ground

A heated debate raged around where the second dive of the day was to be held. Hardened club scroungers wanted to go back to the dumping ground whereas those of us with weaker stomachs were keen to stay in the harbour and dive the Hood. It was put to the vote and courtesy of the Dive Marshall's casting vote (I hate you Trigger) it was back to open sea and another drift over the dumping ground. Dave managed to use his new lifting bag to bring up another shell casing - lets face it something was going to come up whatever happened. I'm not sure what Carol is going to make of Dave's increasing tendency to scavenge - presumably a bigger mantelpiece is in order.

A good week-ends diving (if we ignore the mal-de-mer) was had by all (I think) and my personal thanks to everyone (especially) Carrie for looking after me so well on my first hard boat trip. I learnt much - especially that I need to brush up on my drinking technique before my next trip!

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