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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Search and Rescue Operation - July: A river dive brings the smile back to the face of a local reside Print

9th July: River Wey - Stoke Mill

Guildford sub-aqua clubs river search and recovery unit carried out a successful recovery operation at Stoke Mill. The search was requested by a local resident, could they find his electric outboard motor which had become detached from the transom of his boat and had fallen into the river.

After discussions between the team leader and the chief technical adviser about the river conditions and safety requirements the go-ahead was given. A line was attached to the offside side of the flood gates on the opposite side of the river. It was drawn back to the nearside bank and was used as a safety/reference point. Number one search and recovery diver Pat Good kitted up and a safety line was attached to Pat. Pat entered the river and soon after realised he would need more weight. After a few adjustments Pat re-entered the river and started the first part of the search. Ten minutes later Pat surfaced after completing the first part of the search with out finding the motor. The reference line was altered to change the search area. Pat once again carried on with the search. After approximately five minutes Pat returned to the surface with the electric motor.

The owner of the motor was very pleased and was extremely impressed with the amount of organisation and skill involved to recover the electric Motor. My thanks to all involved for your time and effort. I enjoyed myself and I think we all learned something. Might this be the start of something new for the club?

Expedition leaderDuncan Howe
Chief technical and safety adviserJohn West
Technical assistant/safetyWayne Preston
First Search and Recovery diverPat Good
Second Search and Recovery diverBig Tris
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