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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Stoney Cove! - An early start at Stoney Stanton. Print
Dates: 8-9th July 2000

Standing in a car park at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday 200 miles away from the nearest coast line can only mean one thing - another weekend at Stoney Cove. Diving just doesn't get any better than this (At least it does, but it gets worse as well as all those fool hardy souls who made the trip in January will testify).

Now things can be pretty dull at Stoney Cove and Mildred (true to tradition) took the first opportunity to catch 40 winks in the middle of the car park. (This is the man who can sleep on the side of a rib adrift at sea remeber). What was more worrying was how quickly George picks up bad habits, in a very short space of time she too has honed her ability to fall asleep anywhere and quickly joined Mildred.

It could just be that they both new what was in store for them later that day as Carrie and Tia undertook their Dive Leader Rescue Management Scenarios. Not content with first drowning Mildred our instructors then took the time to chop his arm off with a propeller. Witnessing her beloved's dilemma (this is the scenario bit here - keep up) Georgina quickly turned her attention to Joolz (the errant boat handler) and the best cat-fight this side of the fish shop ensued. I'm glad they were acting cos they scared the pants off me! I'm not sure it was appropriate for our ex training officer to encourage them to continue in quite the way they did.

Not content with the rescue scenario Georgina went on to practice her own rescue skills, trying first a "quick roll", hotly followed by a bit of bouncy-bouncy against the steps at Stoney. I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Dave Miller for volunteering me as the victim in both cases. I didn't know it was possible to have such fun and keep your dry-suit on - even though the glitter was taken off the event when Clive tried his bouncy-bouncy technique , it just didn't have the same attraction somehow (sorry Clive).

Sunday was a much quieter day (it needed to be after Saturday) and most, if not all, the attendees managed to get to dive the new wreck (tug). Carrie in particular took the opportunity to scrawl her name on it for posterity (with her finger in the mud I hasten to add). There was one bit of excitement on the Sunday as a group of divers (not ours) became separated and one of them forgot to surface. A shout for help came up from the lake and the Stoney rescue team was called out. Its comforting to know that the time it took for the rescue team to be in the boat and launched was measured in a few seconds. Not that needing them is a recommended action but its nice to know they are there if you do need them. (Incidentally the diver surfaced a minute after the boat was launched).

Warm thanks go to the instructors for making it all possible and for helping the following divers to achieve their new exalted levels:-

James Newman Club Diver
Bruce Watson Club Diver
Jools Hollander Club Diver
Simon Gosling Sports Diver
Tim Hughes Sports Diver
Tia Brett Dive Leader
Carrie Wallis Dive Leader
Clive Everett Advanced Diver

The author would like to take the opportunity to thank Clive for the inevitable christening of a certain (well respected!) member of the club Mildred - as he shall be known from hence forth.

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