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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Plymouth diving trip report! - April: Helen visits to Plymouth and the Eddystone. The fun is not en Print

The trip to Plymouth took place on the 1st and 2nd of April this year and after a distinct lack of interest (very poor show!!) we eventually managed to get 7 divers down there. For all of you who said the weather will be shit, as will the viz, blah, blah, blah - how wrong could you be!!

On Saturday we dived the Eddystone, not a bad site for most peoples first dive of the season! It was of course an excellent dive, especially all the jewel anemones. The weather was in our favour although allegedly there was a very long roll!?! resulting in a couple of very green divers. In the afternoon we dived Penlee Point, which was nice and sheltered within the Sound, the highlight of that being watching Big Paul struggle with twin 15's for a 9m dive - well worth while!!

On dry land we headed for the Barbican and the obligatory curry and beer! Our pub crawl began in the Distillery and funnily enough ended up there too as we got a seat and then couldn't be arsed to move again! Elliot insisted that we hit a nightclub - but was firmly out voted, but surprise surprise back at the B&B he was first to bed! The cause of much piss-take the following day!


So with hangovers in tow we headed out on Sunday morning to dive the Elk, only 5 divers remaining at this stage - see photo (minus Elliot, who's behind the camera!). Decided sea-sickness all round! Classic line from Elliot - "Helen if you don't hurry up and get your gear on I'm going to be sick" following by 30 second interval before he yakked up, something which kept Paul White in stitches for the rest of the day!

When we eventually made it into the water the dive was again excellent, I've dived the Elk 5 times before and I've never had viz so good on it! For the afternoon dive we headed round to Whitsand Bay to dive the James Egan Layne, no surprises there!! Again an excellent dive was had by those who could be bothered, which did not include myself, Trigger or big Paul, but I'm told it was excellent.

The main point was, as far as I'm aware, everyone had fun and the diving was excellent! Although we would say that even if it was shit! So to all of you dissenters out there, why not come along next time and do some good diving instead of moaning on about how awful it will be!

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