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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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ImageTwas on the good ship sundowner
That Evil C was chief planner
He'd be full of wit
As he assembled his kit
Passing out orders from a yonder  
 ImageThey were a motley lot the Day boat's crew
Originally 12 but 2 then withdrew
They were all rough and tough
And would dive in the stuff
Those other hard boats wouldn't do

 ImageImageDarren was in residence at the stern
His twin set a feeding table for tern
His break dancing was great
So said the ships mate
But his leaking suit led to concern

The young diver who we know of as Paul
Stood on the boats lift in a squall
He turned to the crowd
Looking so very proud
But the gunk on his head fooled us all.
 ImageTwas on the deck of the sundowner
That Rabbit was the ships pole dancer
She would sway to and thro
And with the swell she'd go
Up and down the pole even faster
 ImageAndrea dived bravely in her semi dry suit
But she found getting in was a bit of a brute
There were many helping hands
This wasn't hard to understand
As in it she looked rather cute
 ImageRosie was most resplendent it must be understood
Especially in that rather fetching orange hood  company
And in that force eight
She was the cheeriest mate
For which she deserves a sainthood
 ImageJames, Steve and John were the pirates three
their banter and jokes amused the boats
it was treasure they sought
But the remaining crew thought
they'd had just drunk to much and were narky
 ImageColin H came to the Scillies by air not Sea
The reason he gave being luxury
He still in denial
Re the pending arrival
Of the baby that's shortly to be


Poet: Steven Heather
Editor & censor: Andrea Selley

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