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Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Luis, Bembridge Ledges and No Mans Land Fort Print
Yet again, despite all the planning in the world it all changes!

Yesterday I'd planned with 6 other intrepid divers to try and dive the Bembridge Ledges and the wreck of the Luis, the problem was always the slack time on the Luis! The club website had it as 11am, the dive Hampshire book had it as between 12-12.30pm, and the tidal diamonds in the area had it as 1 Hour before High Water in Portsmouth making it 2pm!!!! Despite ringing several dive skippers from the area they ALL gave different times.

We left Langstone at 9.45 and headed for the Bembridge Ledges, it was obvious the tide was running so with the Luis only 4nm away I assumed it would be the same there. We had the first 4 divers in the water on what should have been a nice scenic drift, however they all came up within 10 minutes, the viz was less than 1m and the tide was running like a train.

We decided on an early lunch in Shanklin, but thought we'd go have a look at the Luis as it was close to Shanklin, on arrival at just after 11am there was no current,! We threw the shot in, Tanya, Jerry Sutton and I were sent down to check all was well, THANKS! The shot had landed in the area of a set of winches the viz was not too bad at about 3 meters, however as the dive went on it improved to 4 to 5m. The Luis was a bit of surprise for me, despite it being shallow at 17m and very broken up it was covered in life, Tanya, Jerry and I had excellent 40 minute dive and saw several Lobsters, Congers and lots of Pollack, Corkwing, Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse.

So what happened to the slack, it stayed slack for all the time we were on site, 90 minutes, and that's on Springs! We returned later at around 2pm to recover the shot and there was a definite current running! I think it's slack on most of the Flood tide as the Isle of Wight offers protection from the South Westerly flow, when we returned at 2pm the current had turned and was on the Ebb, offering no protection from the North East current.

As the morning dive on Bembridge Ledges was cancelled we decided to go have a look at No Man's Land Fort to finish off our air. The fort is in centre of the Solent and offered some protection from  easterly flow, not the best dive in the world, but Tanya and I did see a Greater Pipe fish.

All in all a fun days diving, with good humour, Tanya deserves a medal for putting up with 6 blokes and their various gases!

Things I learnt.

1. Slack is a black art!
2. Be prepared to change plans.
3. Jerry Sutton has no sense of direction, as we pulled back into Langstone Jerry said "oh, are we here? I thought we were still round the Isle of Wight!"

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