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Friday, 24 May 2019
News Feeds information about rebreathers and technical diving
Contains information of different rebreather technologies and includes information on rebreathers in general.

  • Unknown rebreather

    Please send all info you have if you recognise this beauty!

    unidentified rebreather

  • Ipa series rebreathers

    There are two new photseries publishes about the russian IPA-series rebreathers. Check this:



    Nice units build in the 30s

    IPA rebreather

  • Unique Booster for sale

    A unique booster for filling 4 bottles in one go!

    U3600 booster

  • Old Spirotechnique divingtraining manual from 1955

    This small 50 pages booklet shows the 1955 rules for diving.
    Written in French, lovely pictures and shows old diving gear!

    Twohose regulator

  • Barakuda oxygen rebreather Tummler

    Rare picture of the Draeger (Barakuda) Tummler oxygen rebreather from 1953

    Tummler kreislaufgerat

  • Simone Puzzolo Oxygen rebreather

    Simone Puzzolo build a oxygen rebreather low cost.
    A nice design with some new ideas!

    ARO Puzzolo

  • Wiley diving apparatus

    Wiley diving apparatus

    The Sunken Klondike Gold has never been recovered until today. Carl Wiley build this unbelievable diving machine with build in rebreather
    and dived to SS Islander that struck an iceberg August 19 1901 near Juneau Canada. Read the breathtaking story about this salvage.

  • Homebuilders dream with rebreather and computers for sale

    This great offer is a unique chance for the newbie homebuilder.

    A complete Dolphin with all parts imaginable!

    dolphin with parts

  • NU-LAR6 Mike Wescombe-Down

    Mike build a LAR 6 called NU-LAR6.
    A very nice unit for oxygen diving.


  • Unique old brass and copper ship lights for sale


    A friend is selling some old unique lamps. Opportunity knocks!

    Navigation lamps

  • WWII Desco B-lung or "Buccaneer"

    This new page shows information about the Jack Browne Desco B-Lung.
    This great unit and weightbelt are in mind condition even when produced in 1944!

    Desco factory 1944

  • Boot 2013 Dusseldorf Impression

    Here is a impression of this years BOOT 2013 in Dusseldorf Germany

    logo BOOT 2013

  • Original manual BMD SCR-4 rebreather

  • Gunilda sunk in 1911

    This is the story about a fantastic ship built in 1897 that sunk in 1911 in Lake Superior in Canada. I was fortunate to get in contact with diver and archeologist Scott McWilliam. Scott took time to introduce me to this fantastic wreck lying at 80 meters. He dived it in his early diving career on
    air (!) and finished his adventure with a survey in 1993. In the 30's a search was carried out and hard-hat divers tried to find the wreck.. The story will take you all the way from the beginning to the End, an amazing story! I would like to give my warmest regards to Scott who wrote me this story and I also want to thank Fred Bronelle for his amazing adventures and hope he will be able to read this story!


  • Biomarine CCR1000 teardown

    Recently I received fantastic pictures from a true legend. The Biomarine CCR 1000. To put things in perspective for those never herd about the unit, when you are 35 years old this unit was already produced for two years!

    ccr1000 picture

  • Ambient pressure CE apporved Backmounted Counterlungs

    The "official" Inspiration rebreather Back Mounted Counter Lungs (BMCL) are finally available with CE approval and can be fitted to all existing APD rebreathers. APD did a great job in designing the lungs to give great breathing performance.

    Image of BMCL

  • Expedition German Bight 2012

    German Bight Expedition

    The divingteam on MS Dolfijn visited the German Bight.

    We dived severalwrecks and visited Helgoland

    Check the link for the full story, enjoy!

  • Cryogene Rebreather Technology from 1965

    In 1965 Halbert Fischel together with Tony DiChiro and Larry Cushman and Dave Joss designed and tested a cryogenic diving system capable of taking the diver to 307 meters of depth with diving times up to 5 hours. The units used a technology using cryogenic scrubbers. The energy for reaching these low temperatures was achieved by the use of liquid nitrogen. The technique is not commonly in use anymore. The russians build a similar design that can be seen here. Please enjoy this great story.

    Cryogenic rebreather SS1000


  • From Russia With Love

    Alexander Lebedev made a couple of very nice pictures with rare images!
    Draeger 138 - IDA 57 - IDA 51 - CDBA - DSEA - IPSA and many more
    Please enjoy this artwork and... thank you ALEXANDER !

  • The Salvage of P&O SS Egypt by L'Artiglio in pictures

    In May 1922 P&O's steamship Egypt sunk forty miles off the coast of France with a treasure of gold worth more than a million pounds sterling in her strong room.
    Check out information and pictures of the Sorima effords to find this Gold.

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